Japanese Lessons

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My name is Buddy Sato, who is a Japanese and has learned English by himself in Japan.

I got the 1st grade in an English proficiency test in Japan and was presented "Award of Excellence" from the institute of the test for my high score, which was among top 20 examinees of the year. 

Although I have no experience in teaching Japanese, I believe I can apply my experience of learning and teaching English to teaching Japanese.

I am very good at listening to utterance and analyzing voice so I can hear the movement of your tongue and muscles in your mouth, throat and stomach, which makes me a very good pronunciation teacher too.


✅ Lessons will be done on Skype.

✅ One on one private lessons.

✅ You can choose how many lessons a month you would like to take.

✅ For the time being, I will only do "free conversation"  and pronunciation lessons.

I do not have any textbooks now so I will buy the same one as yours if you already have one and would like to do it with me.

Fees and Payment

✅ Free trial lesson - 30 min

✅ 30 min regular lesson : ¥2,000-

✅ 30 min pronunciation lesson : ¥2,500-

✅ 50 min regular lesson : ¥3500-

✅ 50 min pronunciation lesson : ¥5,000-

Payment will be made through bank, or paypal using credit card.

Transaction fee will be added to lesson fee.